- One week lesson doesn't mean necessary to obtain the higher level.
- Several weeks of practice are sometimes necessary to go up the level.
- To go up the level is often an aim for children, but please inform them how difficult it would be sometimes.
- We advice you to take time to ski with your children, to share their improvement, and practice out the lessons.
- Please, be carefull and stay on the slopes which are adapted to your child's level.


ESF ask you to please observe the following rules:
  • -Arrive early and in good time at your meeting point as on your lesson card and be equipped with a ski pass if required.  
  • - Please bring your lesson card with you to all lessons even private lessons. ! 
  • - The equipment is not supplied by ESF.

  • - Children must come fully equipped to lessons (skis, boots, jackets / salopettes, gloves, helmet and poles for those who have acquired their 1 st star medal) 
- A helmet is highly recommended for all lessons. 
- A group lesson can be cancelled on last time if there's not a minimum of 3 personns.
- Students must take full responsibility for their own security and for that of their possessions.
- The ESF does not accept any liability for any property or personal accidents that may occur.
- Weather conditions, mechanical lift failures or anything out of ESF's control cannot be attributed to ESF or the instructors. No refund will be made for time or changes / cancellation of lessons that may be reduced for reasons beyond our control (view our terms and conditions).